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Who We Are

As a technician at Hampton Music and Arts for the last 34 years working on countless vintage and loved instruments, there are many experiences that give me much gratification. Many of the repairs and adjustments I personally work on, have never been adjusted from the time of purchase. The service and maintenance is very important and will encourage better performance, ease of playing and enjoyment of your music; not to mention the pleasure of the friends listening.

Many times we think that we don’t play well when actually the instrument is not performing to its potential. My goal in life is to make the world a better place. I think music is one of the most important aspects of life ; from before you are born to after you have passed. Some music lasts for hundreds of years, go think. No matter where the vintage or new instrument was purchased or what type of instrument you might own, maintenance is very important.

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Vintage Instruments

Instrument Repair & Service

Piano Tuning & Service


In Your Words

You matter, and what you think matters to us.


The Shop

Hampton Music & Arts has served Long Island’s East End since 1925 as a piano store, and since 1975 as a full service music store. We provide new and vintage instruments, professional service and repair, sheet music and equipment rental.

Sheet Music

Whether you are looking for Christmas music, big band arrangements, classical music, or the greatest Beatle’s compilation to give as a gift, Hampton Music has it all. And if your needs fall outside our extensive collection of classical and contemporary sheet music, we will place a speedy order.


Hampton Music buys, sells, and services vintage guitars, bass guitars, and equipment. Come in for a free appraisal. In-store space is provided for customers who wish to sell their vintage instruments on consignment.

Piano Tuning and Rebuilding

Since 1975 professional piano technician Mark Schumacher has served the East End by tuning and servicing pianos. As a piano tuner, Mark has spent decades honing his skills and abilities. He has been an active member of the Piano Technician’s Guild and prides himself on the quality of his piano service.

Instrument Service

Many minor instrument repairs including THIS, THAT and THE OTHER THING are performed in-house by professional technician Mark Schumacher. He specializes in guitar intonation, woodwind repairs, piano restoration, and bass guitar maintenance. For comprehensive and specialized instrument and equipment repairs, Hampton Music maintains a network of qualified technicians throughout Long Island and New York City.


We will help you relocate, or change your unwanted instruments to cash. Hampton Music and Arts work on 20% of the sale of the instrument. In order to sell your instrument in the store, it must be made to play and be tuned. Any work done on the instrument, with your approval, will be added to the selling price. If the instrument were not sold the owner of the instrument would pay that fee. It could also be sold just as an ornament to display if it is not possible to be made right.


Everything You Need

We do it all, and we do it well.


Music is my life

Hampton Music and Arts


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